Monday, 17 November 2008

Last sailboat of the season

The boats are all out of the slips now. This may be the last we see, and if not, close to it.

I dorked around with this on photshop because it had sensor spots and I didn't know when to quit. I'll be back to re place it. Don't know whether to put it under skies or water, decided water.

I will be gone to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada for 5 days. Thinking of you Val--We love Hamilton!

With all the boat pix you take, Kate, we should have a boat catregory next year. Yours will probably be better, but the rest of us can have fun trying.


moo said...

Beautiful light Mary especially in the sky on those clouds. So are you saying you created some of those clouds when you dorked or did you just remove the sensor spots. I love them anyway and also the lighting on the sails. It looks fairly calm and yet the sails are filled.

moo said...

Have a good time in Hamilton and drive carefully. You guys can all come over to England now that the pound has lost so much value. It will be cheap as chips for you!