Monday, 10 November 2008



Day of the Force 7 gale. I added the birds later.

It was raining and there were plenty of rain spots on my lens which I had to clone out. We had a nice walk in the rain around the island.


kiwi said...

This appeals Rule of Thirds - portrait view and the path through the grasses leading to the seaview and sky beyond. The eye is led out and back and up and back in again - (Have I got it right?) wonderful !!! Great job of cloning out the rain drops - I have looked and looked :-)

moo said...

Great job on commenting especially since you have not criticised it LOL!! On the comp I reckon the only fault is that you have that lighter patch of sky off to the left where you don't really want to be going. I didn't change the sky on this so only way would be to choose a different sky of which I have quite a selection but sometimes you just want to keep it as it was. Maybe I will try and find another sky or use part of the wider spread of the pic above which is the same sky from a different spot. Wouldn't bother but after having come back from hearing judge's comments at a comp last night it might be worth it as I havn't entered this one yet.