Sunday, 24 October 2010

Kate's 2nd Print Comp 30 Nov 2010, Judge Mike Fuller

Top picture is the amended image to make me look less like a monster. Next picture is not at all contraversial. I havn't printed it yet but hope it comes out OK. It was a wonderful dewy spidery morning. Webs everywhere. I felt a bit peeved that I had to go down to Kelvedon as I do 3 days a week to mind Hannah before she goes to school as Ali works those days but it ended up an amazing morning which Hannah shared with me. We were spotting spiders everywhere. I have another shot of a spider actually building it's web. Neither of us had ever seen that happening before. Next down is Sammy's Farrier with his stepson who has downs syndrome. He was really enjoying having his picture taken and this was the one I liked because of how he has his dad's leathers slung over his shoulder and the look on his face even though he is not looking at the camera. Not sure what the judge will think about taking pictures of people with downs syndrom. Of course the last one of |Jesus I guess could be contraversial. It is a barbed wire sculpture (maybe I already put shots up of this - I know I did on BP but quickly took it down again when nobody commented on it). Have spent a lot of time working on it. Giving it a sky as there were buildings in the background. It has a slight fractalious filter on it. I also did a lot of cloning on bits of it I was not happy with. I want to call it "For Our Sins". But am open to suggestions.


moo said...

Barbara asked me about how these pics did as she saw I got a finalist for the spider on BP. We had to change the rules as we had too many pictures on the night to judge so we had to put in 3 colour pictures. The mono will be judged in January. Actually I didn't put the spider in in the end but another one of a boat and an island in Croatia which I got 9.5 for which was my best mark that night. The top picture I guess didn't do bad though I had been hoping for a 10. It got 9. The other one I chose instead of the spider got 8.5. Actually I was glad I didn't put the spider in as we had the judge over earlier in the day for lunch and he told me to darken down the bright bits around edges. So I have done that and I think that was the one I put in for BP and will still put it in for the club.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Congratualtions! I somehow missed the notification of these, which seems to be a problem lately, I wonder if theya re coming at all.

I love that top one, the colors are great.

They are all quite interesting--in a good way!!!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Strange! :-D

I'm still taking pictures, but haven't had time to post them--Am simultaneously working on 5 book--FIVE BOOKS! AK!

moo said...

I just don't know how you can work on 5 books simultaneously. Something makes me think you must work better under duress and in chaos.

Have a good Christmas we are hoping to get off to Spain for Christmas where Andrew and family are living at the moment close to Barcelona. Weather permitting. It is chaos at Heathrow with the snow and ice but we are leaving from Stanstead which hasn't suffered too much so far.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Have a safe and enjoyable trip!!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

kiwi said...

Wow those marks sound very good Kate - Congratulations !!! - we are presently having temperatures in the late twenties and for the last few days the thirties C . Supposed to be wet and cool for Xmas Day though. Tonight Christchurch is experiencing gale force warm nor west winds, our garden is just a disaster, the apple tree has been completely stripped, tiny green apples all over the ground.

kiwi said...

Will keep our fingers and toes crossed for you getting out of UK Kate, my nephew Nick and his partner have been stuck at Heathrow since the weekend trying to get back to NZ for Xmas. Thank goodness Anna left when she did, life has been hectic since she arrived home.

Mary - 5 books that will be keeping you busy - I have many photos too which I will be able to work my way through during the winter - can't find the time just now.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Yes, congratulations, KATE!!! Woohoo! :-D

Two of them are picture books. I will post some of the work I am doing as soon as I have time.